The '1819' Odes

the ‘1819’ odes
john keats

Keat’s awe-inspiring poems.

Written during the spring and autumn months of 1819, and published the following year, the Odes are now considered one of the high points of Romantic poetry.

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Product Description

Keats’s sublime poems, including notes, reformatted for electronic readers.

Unlike other e-book editions which are merely copies of existing print editions, this edition has been completely reformatted and reworked for e-readers.

We have limited each page to one stanza (however this is dictated by the length of the notes) for ease of reading. Where possible, notes are provided on the same page as the verse they refer to.

We have hyperlinked all non-fiction secondary material to its original source via References to other poems are by line number and are also hyperlinked.

Examples of Keats’s earlier versions of his odes, together with those that were unfinished or published posthumously, are included in the Appendix. In addition to these poems are a series of introductions to his poetry:

  • Introduction to the Odes by M Robertson
  • Introduction to the ‘Ode to Psyche’ by M Robertson
  • Notes on the ‘1819’ Odes by H Buxton Forman
  • Notes on the Posthumous Poems by H Buxton Forman
  • ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ [Annals Version]
  • ‘On the Grasshopper and the Cricket’
  • ‘Ode [Bards of Passion and of Mirth]’
  • ‘An Ode to Maia’ [A Fragment’]
  • ‘Ode to Apollo’ [Posthumous]