The Good Soldier

the good soldier
ford madox ford

A tale of passion.

A tale of complicated, haphazard, and misunderstood relationships.

The narrator, John Dowell, describes the history of the friendships that began in 1904 when he and his wife Florence met Edward and Leonora Ashburnham. Over the course of the novel Dowell begins to understand the intrigues lying behind the orderly Edwardian facade the couples had presented to the world.

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Product Description

The Good Soldier has been ranked as one of the Modern Library‘s 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

An excerpt of The Good Soldier was originally published in the June 20th 1914 edition of Wyndham Lewis‘s Blast magazine (‘Review of the Great English Vortex’), where it was called ‘The Saddest Story.’

This edition contains a reformatted version of Ford’s original text for easier reading in electronic form. It also contains his dedicatory letter to his wife, Stella, where Ford describes his ambitions for his novel (‘to do for the English novel what in Fort comme la Mort, Maupassant had done for the French’), and his admission that his book was based on real events (‘the story is a true story and because I had it from Edward Ashburnham himself [I] could not write it till all the others were dead.’).

The text has been reformatted to to make more accessible in electronic form: other public domain versions on Amazon are simple copies of the paperback version.