The Rape of the Lock

the rape of the lock
alexander pope

The great mock-heroic poem.

Pope's high-burlesque style satirises the cutting of a lock of Miss Arabella Fermor’s hair, without her consent, by her suitor Lord Petre.

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Product Description

Alexander Pope’s mock-herioc poem, including copious notes, reformatted for electronic readers.

Unlike other e-book editions, which are merely copies of existing print editions, this edition has been completely reworked for e-readers.

This edition includes the original, two-canto poem, originally published in Lintot’s Miscellaneous Poems and Translations in 1712, together with the expanded five-canto version published in 1714.

Notes are provided on the same page as the verse they refer to. This is to facilitate ease of reference, and is unique to this edition. Notes are indicated by a bracketed letter: eg [a]. The footnotes include omitted or additional text, together with material useful to the general reader. Occasionally we refer to the Oxford English Dictionary for a definition: these extracts are flagged as ‘OED’.

We have hyperlink all secondary material to its source via, and we have provided English translations to all classical references.